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Over the Trail to Dong Hoi

I am driving over the much fabled Ho Chi Minh Trail. This stretch of mountains became one of the most important corridors the Vietnamese could have wished for. The U.S. National Security Agency once referred to the Trail system as “one … Continue reading

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Junket across Laos

I headed out onto the AH16, still part of the Asian network I have mentioned a few times, that cuts a line across this part of Laos towards Vietnam in the east. The Laos people seem to be pretty relaxed … Continue reading

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Leaving Savannakhet

I have learnt a great number of things about this city, the people and its culture. Before I leave Savannakhet, I want to share a video I found. [youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DqzuSzs3cSQ?rel=0]

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