Day 63: Hakata Bay

The ship moored up very early this morning and my container was unloaded before I even appeared on deck. I thanked the Captain and a few of the crew and headed off onto the dry land again. Hakata bay is not a big container harbour, and has more fuel tankers than cargo ones. I find myself on the island port called Minatokashi.

I hope my camper is ok.

She made it!

What I find fascinating here is that the cranes can remove a single container with ease. It’s like they know exactly where every box is. Maybe they do.

I climb in through the back window and back it out. An exchange of papers and a quick passport and visa check and I’m away. Thankfully, the Japanese drive on the left, so it’s just like home. The ship will leave for its next destination within the hour and I will head north, with a few stopping point along the way.

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