The story so far

For those of you with so little time or just no patience,
this page is especially for you.

As I get around the world, I will be posting the google maps along the way. You will be able to click on each map to see it in a larger format and maybe research a few of the places I travel through.

Day 1: Croydon to Amsterdam
January 26th 2012

Across the channel to a city I know well.

Day 2: Amsterdam to Nuremberg
January 27th 2012

Nuremberg was the big draw for me.

Day 4: Nuremberg to Prague
January 29th 2012

Stopped off at Meistersdorf.

Day 5: Prague to Budapest
January 30th 2012

All this was the Ottoman Empire for centuries.

Day 6: Budapest to Bucharest
January 31th 2012

A trip through Transylvania.

Day 8: Bucharest to Rousse
February 2nd 2012

Serious snow and cold

Day 9: Rousse to Stara Zagora
February 3rd 2012

Over the mountains we shall go.

Day 10: Stara Zagora to Istanbul
February 4th 2012

Weather starts to clear up a little.

Day 12: Istanbul to Ankara
February 6th 2012

Lots of mountains to see here.

Day 13: Ankara to Sumsun
February 7th 2012

A lot more forests than I was expecting.

Day 14: Sumsun to Erzurum
February 8th 2012

Following the coast of the Black Sea

Day 15: Erzurum to Dogubeyazit
February 9th 2012

In the footsteps of Noah.

Day 16: Dogubeyazit to Gurbulak
February 10th 2012

The border from Turkey

Day 16: Bazargan to Tabriz
February 10th 2012

From the border into Iran

Day 16: Tabriz to Tehran
February 10th 2012

A stay over on Tehran

Day 18: Tehran to Kerman
February 12th 2012

A very, very long day.

Day 19: Kerman to Zahedan
February 13th 2012

Stopped off at the ancient city of Bam

Day 20: Zahedan to Quetta
February 14th 2012

Not sure about the roads.

Day 21: Quetta to Harnai
February 16th 2012

Head east to avoid the tribal region.

Day 21: Harnai to Loralai
February 16th 2012

The roads are much better this way.

Day 22: Loralai to Lahore
February 17th 2012

Sunshine, fresh water and a packet of biscuits.

Day 24: Lahore to Ludhiana
February 19th 2012

Getting out of Pakistan is a game.

Day 25: Ludhiana to New Delhi
February 20th 2012

Go a different route sometimes.

Day 27: New Delhi to Dhangadhi
February 22nd 2012

I can see a few mountains.

Day 28: Dhangadhi to Kohalpur
February 23th 2012

My first reveal of the lower Himalayas.

Day 29: Kohalpur to Butwal
February 24nd 2012

The long way round.

Day 30: Butwal to Kathmandu
February 25th 2012

They've got the best potholes on this road.

Day 32: Kathmandu to Gorekhpur
February 27th 2012

A long and tiring drive.

Day 33: Gorakhpur to Begusarai
February 28th 2012

Rivers and plains, floods and drought.

Day 34: Begusarai to Rajshahi
February 29th 2012

Crossing difficult borders

Day 35: Rajshahi to Dhaka
March 1st 2012

I thought New Dhelhi had rickshaws!

Day 36: Dhaka to Sylhet
March 2nd 2012

Farming on a grand scale.

Day 37: Sylhet to Silchar
March 3rd 2012

If it's tea you want, this is the place.

Day 38: Silchar to Imphal
March 4th 2012

Stunning mountain forests.

Day 39: Imphal to Kalewa
March 5th 2012

Trade and contraband

Day 40: Kalewa to Mandalay
March 6th 2012

The road to Mandalay

Day 41: Mandalay to Hsi Hseng
March 7th 2012

Travelling the battlefront.

Day 42: Hsi Hseng to Thaton
March 8th 2012

Through a troubled zone.

Day 43: Thaton to Mueang Nakhon Sawan
March 9th 2012

From Burma to Thailand.

Day 44: Mueang Nakhon Sawan to Bangkok
March 10th 2012

Into the city with everything.

Day 46: Bangkok to Phayakkhaphum Phisai
March 12th 2012

Windows down.

Day 47: Phayakkhaphum Phisai to Savannkhet
March 13th 2012

A lot of Friendship bridges around here.

Day 48: Savannakhet to Dong Hoi
March 14th 2012

Follow the Ho Chi Minh Trail.

Day 49: Dong Hoi to Hanoi
March 15th 2012

Skipping along the seafront.

Day 51: Hanoi to Mong Cai
March 17th 2012

The South China Sea.

Day 52: Dongxing to Maoming
March 18th 2012

Not the French again.

Day 53: Maoming to Shenzhen
March 19th 2012

A steady drive along the plains.

Day 55: Shenzhen to Ganzhou
March 21st 2012

Nice easy driving.

Day 56: Ganzhou to Nanchang
March 22nd 2012

A rich and ancient past.

Day 57: Nanchang to Hangzhou
March 23rd 2012

Following the Qu river.

Day 58: Hangzhou to Shanghai
March 24th 2012

I can see the sea!

Day 61: Shanghai to Hakata
March 27th 2012

Google maps couldn't help me with this one.

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