My camper

You can’t travel the virtual world without a companion. My virtual self decided to take along the one thing on my wish list that seemed to be designed for the kind of trip I wanted to take: A VW Camper van.

I have chosen to take along a 1965 VW camper van in original Velvet Green. It is a type 2 split screen, or ‘splitty’. It has a 1641cc air-cooled engine that has been rebuilt for the trip and a 12v conversion to improve interior lighting. It does about 20-25 miles per gallon, which is not great considering my Nissan Qashqai does about 43, so fuel for the trip could add up. It is not the fastest van either, and I will keep it at about 50 mph for any long drive. Music is not my big thing, which is just as well, as the radio may well drain the battery. For this reason I have a solar charger for my iPhone and iPad.

The van is a tin top, which means I don’t have any extension on the roof, but it does feel a better drive for it.

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