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The need to plan ahead

I want to share a few issues I have been dealing with the last few days, and over the course of the last 35 days. Google maps is my help and hinderence. If it can’t plot a route, I can’t … Continue reading

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A stop off at Loralai

I reach Loralai about an hour before the sun dips fully behind the mountains, but it stays light a little longer. The  city was formerly known as Bori, and is now the main city of the Loralai District. Loralai is … Continue reading

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Day 21: Quetta

Let me show you what the Foreign & Commonwealth Office say about Quetta. What is equally worrying is that any research on Google comes up with some shocking information about the area and constant civil unrest. I did a search … Continue reading

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Be Prepared

Just before I head over the border into Iran, I want to let you know about some of the research I have been doing to do so. There are some areas of the world that have political problems that result … Continue reading

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